We’re really into process at Moment, so when we decided to try and create a new quantitative testing workflow it made a lot of sense to document the process and value we got out of it.

Before we get into the actual process itself, it’s important to touch on why we decided to solve this problem. As design consultants, we rarely have access to detailed user data from the platforms we’re tasked with redesigning. Even when we do have access to that information, it’s often unpractical and expensive for us to conduct further testing. This process has allowed us to see how 437 users from all across the US interact with various aspects of a form field page. Some days we conducted two or three tests in one day by rapidly updating the stimulus, and other days we ran longer tests with larger samples and let them sit overnight. This entire process has cost us around $125 dollars, that's less than the cost of most round trip tickets between our offices in New York and Chicago.

Our process in four steps: